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It is widely acknowledged that successful companies have a deep appreciation of marketing and never stop. Think of any big brand and they’ll be investing millions (or billions) of pounds on marketing. Visit this website to explore some of the UK’s coolest brands, all powered by smart marketing.


I recently read a cracking analogy in an article by James Archer, CEO of user experience firm Forty, I could not have put it better myself:vitamins-supplements-or-food

“Marketing is food not medicine. It’s the regular, sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it – and keeps it there. You need it throughout the day, every day. While inexperienced businesses wait until they’re starving to start looking for nourishment, these savvy enterprises eat regular, healthy meals throughout the day, keeping them strong and thriving year after year.”

Here are a few commercial reasons to get your teeth into marketing to keep your business well-nourished and growing.

  1. Take your new business to market:  It is generally accepted that making a great first impression (that lasts) is crucial. We know this matters more than ever for your new business venture and applying sound marketing principles from the outset will get you off to the best start and put a spring in your step. It can help you to capture your concept, transform it into a compelling value proposition and deliver it to the market in a way that connects with your audience and punches above your weight (and your competitors).
  2. Revitalise your business for differentiation:  Competition has never been so intense and most markets face the squeeze as more contenders fight for business. You need to take a fresh approach to stand out from the masses. Whatever the circumstances, marketing can refresh your brand position with compelling messaging, backed by an ongoing marketing programme to create a new connection with your audience – remember if you aren’t standing out by continually marketing, you are simply giving away opportunities to competitors that are.
  3. Generate new business for growth:  Perhaps you have been in business for a while and have thrived on the success of fortuitous circumstances, which may have changed. Or maybe this year’s business strategy means you need to step up to a new level. Whatever the circumstances, a fresh look at your positioning and an ongoing targeted marketing campaign can give your business a much needed boost.
  4. Launch new products or enter new markets:  If you are embarking on an active strategy for growth it is likely that you are developing new products or services, or looking to enter new markets with your existing portfolio. Either way you need marketing to ensure that your go-to-market strategy is going to have the desired impact and make your audience not only look twice but overlook existing loyalties and take action.
  5. Maximise revenues from existing customers:  All too often companies work hard at attracting new customers, without a strategy to develop opportunities with existing customers. Whilst this traditionally falls under the remit of account development, marketing has a role to play in building awareness, understanding and interest in other aspects of the product / service portfolio and / or in other divisions of the customer’s business.
  6. Superior customer experience for profitable organic growth:  Achieving true customer satisfaction is a challenge for any business – particularly in an age where customers demand more for less. But if you get it right, the results speak volumes. Moving customers from satisfied to loyal and advocate leads to most profitable form of business growth. Marketing can help unite you with your customers, understand critical factors for success, make improvements and reap the rewards.
  7. Build a magnetic employer brand to attract new talent:  We all recognise the role marketing can play in attracting, acquiring and retaining customers to fuel business growth, right? But equally important, and arguably more challenging, is attracting, acquiring and retaining high performing employees to service your growing and demanding customer base. Without them, growth will be inhibited. Marketing has a significant role to play in building employer brands and talent attraction strategies that bring the right people to your business, not your competitors.


Still not sure how marketing can help you to fuel business growth? Why not get in contact, with an understanding of your business goals we can explore how marketing can boost your plans.


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