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My aim is to bring the power of marketing to organisations of all shapes and sizes!

If you understand the value of marketing, I want to help you realise the value of marketing. I believe that the right marketing brings businesses, markets and opportunities to life.

I’ll help you to sharpen up your marketing and bring your business to life.

If marketing does, or should, play an important part in your business success and you need flexible affordable marketing expertise, then look no further and get in contact. For those of you who need a little more to go on, you may want to read on.

My professional mission is to create engaging content-based marketing that connects with your audience, at the right time and with the right outcome.

I mostly work with organisations that want to establish a strong position as an expert brand in their market. I help them to create their strategic positioning, define their messaging framework and articulate this through a wide range of content based marketing assets and campaigns. 

In a nut shell, if it involves marketing and content I can help. I’ll give it 100% and aim to produce refreshing material and campaigns with zest.

Kerry Marchbank
Founder and Consultant at Zest Marketing

years of marketing experience

Both in-house and freelance, leading strategic customer-centric content-led marketing programmes, combining inbound and outbound routes to market.

brands have been Zested

Working with technology, telecom, professional and recruitment service firms, predominantly targeting business, public sector and professional audiences.


in pretty much every scenario

Supporting marketing and creative agencies, start-ups and small businesses, large international marketing teams and public sector led initiatives.

Great things happen when all the right ingredients come together

Three successful ingredients that you can blend today.

Why do marketing?

It is widely acknowledged that successful companies have a deep appreciation of marketing and never stop. Proactive marketing can fuel success and open opportunities (read my Marketing Fuel Blog). Remember if you aren’t continually marketing, you are leaving opportunities open to competitors that are.

Why a freelancer?

If you are yet to tap into the benefits of this highly-experienced, flexible and cost-efficient workforce, then read six of the many benefits in my recent Freelancing Blog. If you already have experience I hope it is positive, if not then don’t give up, there are good ones out there, you just need to find the right one for you.

Why Kerry @ Zest?

Rather than attempt to answer this one myself, I am going to hand over to some of the people I have most recently had the pleasure of working with (keep scrolling), you can also visit my LinkedIn page to read more if you have time. If you would like to find out more about me, you can do so in my Take Five with Kerry Blog.

I am proud to have supported hundreds of business stakeholders

Here are some of the most recent.

Kerry delivered major projects for us as well as driving forward BAU, all with her trademark calm approach combined with a great sense of humour. She is a consummate professional, incredibly diligent, industrious and loyal, with broad and deep Marketing expertise. Kerry genuinely cares about quality and results and always puts her client or employer first.
Kathleen Smith

Managing Director, Serocor Solutions

Kerry conducted an inspiring and transformational piece of work to bring our brand alive, and give it real distinction. It was a smart approach; capturing the essence of the business with workshops and blending this with our vision and external research. This was the heartbeat for our new website, and all the associated marketing that followed. Great fun and very driven.
John Dunaway

Managing Director, Advanced Resource Managers

I worked closely with Kerry and her team during the roll-out of Optamor’s new web site and on various other marketing activities. It was a pleasure working with a marketing professional who is clearly very passionate and informed about her specialist area, who takes pride in her work and who is both interesting and fun to work with.
Claire Proudlove

Director of Client Services, Optamor People Solutions

Working with businesses and teams that are really going places

Can you relate to any of these scenarios? Let’s talk!

Start-ups and Small Businesses

I often come across start-ups and small businesses with these marketing challenges in common: “Experienced full-time marketing expertise costs too much”, “We have great plans but no time, expertise or resource to make them happen”, “We have no idea where to start”.

If you are a start-up or small business and you are ready to take your business to the next level with marketing, you just need to add zest!

Marketing and Creative Agencies

I have worked with marketing and creative agencies with these challenges in common: “Our clients regularly need marketing and content services that are outside our core skills”, “We are often stretched and could do with extra capacity on tap when we need it”.

If you are a marketing or creative agency and you need flexible marketing capability or capacity to hand, you just need to add zest!

Established Marketing Teams

I have supported busy marketing teams with these challenges in common: “We need an extra pair of hands to help with a key project, specific initiative or piece of content”, “Our marketing team is overloaded and needs ad-hoc marketing support.

If you manage a busy marketing team and need flexible capability or capacity to hand, you just need to add zest!

Building an Employer Brand

I have worked with recruitment and HR teams with these challenges in common: “How can we work with marketing to build our brand and raise our profile as an employer”, “We need a plan to attract and engage the right candidates to our business.

If you need to bring a marketing spin to your talent attraction strategy, you just need to add zest!

Just add zest to your marketing.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with marketing?
Could you do with an experienced freelance marketer or content writer on your team?
Are you a marketing or design agency that needs flexible support with your client projects?
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