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I don’t know about you, but my social feeds have long been filled with articles, miracle regimes and supplements that can get you beach ready for the summer (unless it’s just me and I need to take this targeted content seriously ;-).

There is a lot to love about summer time.

CaptureBesides the obvious perks, there’s no denying that blue skies and warming temperatures lift your spirits and bring a mood of optimism! Mine’s at a peak today having read that we are approaching the hottest summer in a century from this reliable source! WOOP!

Whether you go for these beach body fads or not, there is something to be said for taking the opportunity to get in shape. For now though, put your bikini (or budgy smuggler) body aside and…

Channel your sunny disposition into helping your business get into shape.

Why not try WOOP 4 Summer? Could you use this four step approach to get in shape for your best summer on record?

WOOP Urban Dictionary Definition
A very useful sound when it comes to expressing how you feel, a sound of happiness!!! 🙂

Wish: Take a moment away from the office, give yourself physical and mental space from the daily grind. Go to your favourite outside space at your favourite time of day. Ask yourself the question: “If there was one thing I could do today that would inject new life into my plans for the future, what would that be?” and make your wish!! It could be anything from building your own digital profile, entering a new lucrative market, getting your business active on social media, spending more time with your customers, boosting business in an established market, developing a product or service for differentiation… whatever you think your business needs. Make your wish and write it down. You may have more than one, write them all down and prioritise them.

Outcome: What are the outcomes, what do you need to achieve to be moving towards your wish by the end of the summer? How will you know you have been successful in making your wish a reality? For example, if your wish is to enter a new market your outcomes could be – undertake market research, develop your proposition, prepare your go-to-market strategy and assemble resources ready to launch in September. Perhaps you want to boost your profile in an established market, your outcome could be – create a thought leadership content series and run an inbound marketing campaign, which you will execute at a time most relevant to your audience. Commit it to paper!!!

Obstacles: Is there ANYTHING that could stop you from achieving your outcome? Give it some thought and anticipate hurdles, be prepared and proactively put measures in place to ensure nothing can stop you. For example, if time is a potential obstacle and you’re likely to be distracted by business as usual activities, think about what you can do to overcome this. Perhaps involve other members of your team, is it worth brining in external support, either a contractor, agency or freelancer? If it will help take your business forward it’s worth the investment. Brainstorm a list of potential obstacles and then write solutions next to each of them, prioritise them by likelihood to determine how proactive you need to be to nip them in the bud.

Plan: With your WOO in place you can now make a WOOP. Make a plan that will get you to your outcomes, overcome your obstacles and make your wish come true. Break it down by activity, assign res156269-I-m-Ready-For-Summerources, budget, time-frames, measures and get going!

The sun is shining so it’s time to stuff your winter layers through the loft hatch and get in shape for the summer. Do it now (what’s stopping you), find a time and place for thinking space and put a WOOP into your marketing.

There’s never been a better time.

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