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Freelance marketing expertise when you need it

Why Zest?
Introducing Kerry Marchbank. I am a freelance marketing consultant based in Hampshire, working across the southern counties and London. My professional mission is to create engaging content-based marketing that connects with your audience, at the right time and with the right outcome.

A marketing toolkit that adds zest

I can help to create your strategic positioning, define your messaging framework and articulate this through a wide range of content based marketing campaigns.


Give purpose to your marketing in a way that you have never done before.


Define a message with impact, that makes your prospect want to know more.


Create content relevant to your audience, the channel and your desired outcome.


Build your profile with a purposeful two-way dialogue with your market.

 “Kerry has brought a strong marketing orientation to the event and a passion for driving high standards in messaging and visual impact. She has helped us to raise the platform and take this event to the next level.” 

Simon Hansford
Attenda (The EMC Silicon Cup)

“If you need to know how to operate as a senior marketing professional, you won’t do much better than observe Kerry in action. She’s a natural marketer with a keen eye for detail, a focus on the business and an exceptional ability to translate ideas into actions. The quality of her work is excellent.”

Lester Dorman
Lead Program Manager, Commerce OS at eBay

 “Having worked with Kerry for a short while, it’s clear to see that she is a real marketing star. She has enviable attention to detail, is incredibly organised and, possibly one of the least appreciated skills, is able to keep smiling when the pressure is on.”

Rob Budd
RJBMLtd Marketing Consultancy

 “Kerry is a joy to work with. Her out of the box thinking and attention to detail is second to none. With constantly changing deadlines and priorities she keeps a cool head.”

Carl Nichols
Co Founder & Head of Recruitment EMEA, AAP3

“During Kerry’s time with the Serocor Group she dealt with a number of large projects and more complicated marketing challenges. Kerry without fail managed these challenges with grace, enthusiasm and positivity. Kerry has a ‘can do attitude’ to marketing, always bringing a commercial understanding into marketing solutions.”

Mike Gawthorne
CEO at Serocor

Brands with a bit of zest

A small selection of marketing success stories.

The journey to your next destination

Great marketing happens when your audience needs align with your business purpose and you have a crystal clear point of differentiation. Then you need to provide the right marketing journey for your audience. This applies regardless of what you want to achieve, because in my opinion marketing has to make an impact and in my experience this is how it works best.

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Just add zest to your marketing.

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