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When a potential client approaches me they like to know how we will work together. The truth is that every client is different and so my approach will be designed to best fit your business.

I can work on ad-hoc projects or on-going programmes, on a short or long-term basis, part-time or flexi-time basis, working from your office or own office. In other words there are no hard and fast rules.

There are several ways in which I can partner with you.

Retained Services

Best for long-term engagements where I will manage on-going day-to-day activities acting as your ‘Marketing Manager’ or perhaps in circumstances where it may be difficult to scope the work in advance, over an open or specified period of time.

Project or Campaign Based

Business requirements will be defined in advance in order to arrive at a fixed price project orientated service, taking responsibility for specific marketing deliverables / activities for the agreed cost.

Marketing Support

Flexible marketing support packages that can be tailored to provide your required level of expertise, the results you are looking for and your budget.

I will help you to understand the most practical method of delivery that will provide you with the most value in fulfilling your business and marketing needs, get in contact to discuss further.

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