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This blog is first in a series that explains the key stages of your marketing journey with zest!

Marketing without strategy is called art. Marketing with strategy is called smart!

Great marketing doesn’t come out of nowhere. It starts, ends and continues with your audience. Great things happen when your audience needs align with your business purpose and you have a crystal clear point of differentiation.


StrategyMarketing needs a clear sense of direction and a game plan. Without it, efforts can be haphazard, inefficient and quite often devoid of results – Who wants that?


This is why I encourage you to take a strategic approach to your marketing. The overriding purpose of your strategy should be to understand your audience needs and deliver value to them more successfully than your competitors, whilst achieving business goals. It’s about:

  1. Knowing your why, what is your purpose, what difference will you make?
  2. Clarifying your short, medium and long term business goals.
  3. Making a place for marketing in your business plans.
  4. Defining your market, understanding trends and drivers.
  5. Identifying and analysing your true competitors.
  6. Understanding your audience needs, motivators and preferences.
  7. Selecting target markets and outlining customer solutions.
  8. Pinpointing your competitive differentiators.


“Kerry conducted an inspiring and transformational piece of work to bring our brand alive, and give it real distinction. It was a smart approach; capturing the essence of the business with inclusive and collaborative workshops, and blending this with our vision and external research. This was the heartbeat for our new website, and all the associated marketing that followed. Great fun and very driven.”

John Dunaway
Managing Director – Specialist Markets at Advanced Resource Managers

Strategy SG Dig your wellI will take you on a journey that will help you to think about your business and your market in a way that you have never done so before.
This stage is mostly about DISCOVERY where I get fully immersed in your business, a workshop will follow where we will get into the nitty gritty of the new you. I will then formulate a positioning strategy that takes us seamlessly to the messaging framework stage.

Remember, if you simply need ad hoc marketing support or someone to wordsmith a great piece of content, I can do that as well. I can work with you in any way that you need.


Check out my other capability blogs:  I can help to pinpoint your strategic positioning, define your messaging framework and articulate this through a wide range of content based marketing campaigns.

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