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This blog is third in a series that explains the key stages of your marketing journey with zest!

Create purposeful, valuable, relevant and consistent content that works for you!

Content is fundamental to any marketing strategy. Whether you need to enter new markets, expand in existing markets, generate more existing customers or improve customer satisfaction, you need material that will capture interest, inform, educate, engage, persuade and convert.


ContentProducing content can be challenging, it takes skill and time that is not available to everyone and can often be the difference between opportunities won or lost – who wants that?


The right content enables you to establish a brand profile, show that you are market experts, inform and educate your audience, differentiate you from your competitors, build trust and credibility, improve the customer experience and ultimate win more business. I can create content for all marketing purposes. It’s about your:

  1. Showcase material including brochures, data sheets, corporate videos.
  2. Digital footprint including websites, social profiles, stakeholder profiles.
  3. Credibility material including case studies, customer interviews, references.
  4. Thought leadership including articles, market reports, positioning papers, opinion pieces.
  5. Inbound comms such as blogs, vlogs, ebooks, infographics.
  6. Outbound comms such as emailers, newsletters, ads.
  7. Sales enablement including business case material, presentations, proposals.
  8. Event material including scripts for webcasts, podcasts, seminars, conferences.
  9. Finance support including annual reports, investor packs.


“Kerry is a hard-working, conscientious and articulate marketer. Kerry’s enthusiasm, passion for marketing and her ability to communicate visions and ideas to paper will undoubtedly position her well in the future.” 

Petrina Anne Steele
EMEA VP, Business Development at Equinix

Content SG Content MarketingI will help you to create content that is relevant to; the people you want to interact with, the selected communication channels and the desired outcome.
This stage is mostly about CREATION (and is often ongoing) and the outcome is typically a series or range of content pieces that will tell your story with purpose, whether in words, graphics, videos, animations or ‘casts’.

Remember, if you simply need ad hoc marketing support or someone to wordsmith a great piece of content, I can do that as well. I can work with you in any way that you need.


Check out my other capability blogs:  I can help to pinpoint your strategic positioning, define your messaging framework and articulate this through a wide range of content based marketing campaigns.

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