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This blog is second in a series that explains the key stages of your marketing journey with zest!

Your message needs to pack a punch for maximum marketing impact!

Understand how you present your offering in a way that will grab attention, present your strengths relative to your competitors, communicate the value to your audience and lead them to your intended outcome.


MessagingIt’s easy to dive straight into a channel without working out what value you will offer and why people should interact with you. The result is often apathy or worse confusion – who wants that?


I will work with you to build a messaging framework that will bring your brand to life and tell your prospect why they should do business with you over and above the alternatives. The result is compelling and believable messaging that provokes the desired feeling and action from your audience. It’s about:

  1. Setting out your purpose, philosophy and values.
  2. Creating a powerful and unique value proposition and strapline.
  3. Articulating your core differentiators with proof points.
  4. Defining customer-centric solutions for each target market.
  5. Creating benefit-led positioning statements for each segment.
  6. Specifying benefits-led attributes of your offering.


“I recently used Kerry’s services again to sort out our go to market proposition. Kerry took the time to interview all the stakeholders and fully understand our products and how they are differentiated. She then quickly translated that into compelling content for our website, brochure and case studies. Excellent to work with always able to “get” what your business needs to say and I cannot recommend her work highly enough.” 

Nicholas Daniels
COO at Alliants

Messaging SG Stand out not bothI will combine objective knowledge with marketing creativity to establish a fresh market position for your brand. The result is an irresistible message that makes your prospect want to know more. 
This stage is mostly about FORMULATING your messaging framework and the output is a document that will become your blueprint for all internal and external communication.

Remember, if you simply need ad hoc marketing support or someone to wordsmith a great piece of content, I can do that as well. I can work with you in any way that you need.


Check out my other capability blogs:  I can help to pinpoint your strategic positioning, define your messaging framework and articulate this through a wide range of content based marketing campaigns.

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